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PaintBall Nervana


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SpeedBall:In this game being agressive and quick is key. Nobody wins thisgame by staying in the farthest back bunker(a common practice for newbies). Keep switching bunkers or a smart player will flank you. Run for a side bunker closer to the front. Most likely there is somebody on the other side doing the same thing. Don,t worry if he is shooting at you. Your job is to get the guy at opposite flank andyou don,t need to stick your head out to do that.

woods:The first thing is to NOT just shoot wildly. What ends up happening is your hitting trees and bushes 99.9% of the time. If your attaking a fort stay behind brush and move slowly. Your advantage is you Know exactly were they are and they won't have a clue were you are if you play it right. Don't attack until you've cleared all the snipers. If the fort is in the middle of the field attack it from every direction. If your playing capture the flag leave 2 gaurds in the brush close to the flag. The attakers try to run as parallel to the enemies as they can and watch every place that could be a pottential hidding spot.

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